The 'cargate' was a collaboration I did with Siggi Odds and Mundi. We were assigned to design signage and other promotion material for the '07 Iceland Academy of the Arts graduation exhibition. Much emphasis was put on the signage and promotion, because it was held in an unusual place, a row of old potato storage shacks, turned into an art gallery — and seeing as the graduation exhibition is one of the best attended shows every year, the new location needed to be made known to the public.

Through some elaborate process of thought, the conclusion was to make some sort of installation, and make it out of cars. The car theme was then also applied to color schematically show each department's exhibition space.

The installation made the cover of Iceland's morning paper, and made the 7'o'clock news two weeks later when some pranksters set it on fire and Reykjavik's fire department was called out in the middle of the night and had to disassembled and destroy it. Our goal was to attract attention and I believe we accomplished that fairly well.

The crane used to construct the gate.
The cargate was assebled for free by Hringrás, a waste management company.
The top cars were laid on top of these two massive steel-beams.
It had an effect like the leaning tower of Pisa, some were reluctant to want to walk under or drive through.
Each departments were color coded with car doors.